Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sights from the countryside

This past weekend I went back to my roots visiting as well as sightseeing. By "back to my roots" I mean Moyo and Adjumani districts in the northwestern part of Uganda, known as the West Nile region. The visit was quite interesting for the following reasons:

First, the roads to a large extent were badly damaged by the rains that it made the trip so bumpy. It left me trembling like a leaf in the wind after the trip! Second, the commuter taxi broke down three times on the first leg of the trip, which delayed the trip.

I snapped a few pictures during the trip.

First breakdown: The commuter taxi had a faulty, which caused its engine to overheat. We had to wait for it to cool down and fixed. Er... the pleasures of our public transport system!
A roadside market in Lefori. A convenient way to shop on-the-go. It is pumpkin season - a variety of pumpkins were on sale. 

Coconut tubers in Lefori: A snack that is seasonal delicacy. The tubers are harvested just after shoot germination and steamed before eating.

A storm brews as I near my destination (somewhere in the mountains seen in the distance). Luckily, it had passed by the time I arrived.

Picturesque: Sunrise in the mountains of Metu in Eremi. This was at about 6:30 a.m.

Hiking in Metu: The area has scenic hiking trails that twist and turn among rocks. Pockets of bamboo forests offer quiet resting spots on a good, hot, sunny day along the trails.

A homestead in the foreground near a scenic rock in the background.

Sunset as seen from high up in Eremi.

The magnificent River Nile (the light blue speck) seen on the climb to Eremi.

Having fun: Children swim in River Nile at the landing site in Omi, Adjumani district.

 A ferry (in the distance) is on its way to the landing site in Omi.

Getting closer: The ferry prepares for docking at the landing site.


  1. Interesting picture story; though I wanted to see the mountain upclose! So, 'Itu' is coconut tuber?

    1. It is actually the bulbous part of the coconut seedling.

    2. Now you've made it more complicated, even for my famed brilliance:)...but that's ok!